Tobacco Regulatory, Experimental & Clinical Science Lab

Neil Molina
Research Technician/Lead Recruiter

Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center

Neil started in working in the lab in 2014 and has been a team member on two clinical trials, two clinical laboratory studies, and three survey studies. He is currently working as the lead recruiter and research tech on three NIH-funded studies.

Neil is originally from the Philippines but spent a good part of his life living in Hawaii and NYC. He is bilingual, an expert fisherman, and a lover of life.

Recent Publications:

Wagener, T.L., Floyd, EL., Stepanov, I., Driskill, L.M., Frank, S.G., Meier, E., Leavens, E.L., Tackett, A.P., Molina, N., Queimado, L. (in press). Have combustible cigarettes met their match? The nicotine delivery profiles and harmful constituent exposures of second- and third-generation electronic cigarette users. Tobacco Control.